Solas Jet Pumps

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Solas Jet Pump 140mm Kaw 750SX, SXi, 800SXR
SOLAS 12 VEIN JET PUMP, 140mm For Kawasaki 750sx, SXi, SXR800, etc. Comes with trim system, 74mm ..
Ex Tax: $1,250.00
Solas Jet Pumps 12 vein Yamaha 144mm SJ, Blaster, Ect, Complete pump assy with trim
Solas jet pump, complete with exit and steer nozzle with trim. Impeller NOT included. 12 vein sta..
Ex Tax: $1,550.00
Solas Jet Pump YAM 144mm 12 vein stator section only
SOLAS 12 vein stainless YAMAHA 144mm stator vein section. Greatly improves jet pump hook up,..
Ex Tax: $460.00
Solas Jet Pump Spacer Ring
Spacer ring, use with Solas 144mm Yamaha pump stator vein to adapt an OE yamaha Exit nozzle. ..
Ex Tax: $40.00
Solas Jet Pump YAM 148mm  Stator vein section
Constructed of stainless steel. 12 vein, 148mm stator is an upgrade popular with free ride, and f..
Ex Tax: $565.00
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